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Confidential STD Testing

The most common sexually transmitted diseases in the USA are HIV, HPV and Genital herpes. According to CDC, each year 19 million people in USA get infected with various STDs and STD testing becomes one of the most important aspects of people’s life.

Before becoming intimate with someone, everyone must get tested for STDs and most important, do HIV rapid test. It is imperative to make sure that you stay healthy and will not transmit HIV, HPV, Genital herpes or any other STD’s to your sexual partner.

HIV will kill as there no known cure exists. Modern medicine can slow down development of HIV and sooner you get tested – better it is for you.

HIV Rapid Test

At first, person infected with HIV may not experience any symptoms at all for many years. Only blood test can show if man or woman is HIV positive or negative. Blood sample will be taken and tested in one of our labs. Our professional ASHA trained specialists will be able to identify if given blood sample is infected with HIV or not. From the time HIV virus enters the body, it takes about 3 months for the results to show up. After having unprotected sex, it is recommended to wait before testing your blood for the HIV virus.

Chlamydia Urine Test

At our confidential STD clinic, we offer Chlamydia urine test and rapid results. Our professionals take sample of urine and test it for presence of Chlamydia bacteria. We also test urine sample for genetic materials of bacteria, DNA probe test, Chlamydia culture test and fluorescent antibody test. If any of the above tests show positive presence of Chlamydia culture we immediately notify person of the result so individual can take further actions to cure Chlamydia.

STD blood test

if you are having unprotected sex, you may want to do STD blood test for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases as often as you having new partner. Individual may not know that they have STD and you can be a victim without any knowledge that person was infected with HIV or any other STD’s. STD blood test is very important part of STD screening. Presence of HIV antibody cells occurs 3 months after virus enters the body and our testing takes about 2 days to show on our web site. Another instance is Hepatitis C and B. Hepatitis can also be detected with blood test. Other STD’s such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea need a urine sample in order to get detected.